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If you're a restaurant, cafe or shop owner looking to serve some ice cream in your establishment, then you've come to the right place.

Option 1: Custom Ice Cream

The Dairy Grind creates and supplies customized premium ice cream, sherbet and sorbet flavors to various restaurants and cafes. We can conceptualize flavors suited to your business or you can let us know what flavors you'd like us to develop. Alternatively, we can also supply white-label ice cream under your own brand.


Option 2: Ice Cream Reseller

You can also become a reseller of our existing flavors in pint, half gallon, and gallon sizes. We're still sorting out the details, but if you're interested, please feel free to leave your contact details so we can get back to you.

Fill out the contact form below or reach out to us at or 09457195134.