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5 Ways to Keep Cool During the Summer 

Tropical countries only have two kinds of climate: hot and hotter! Kidding aside, there are times when the summer heat becomes too unbearable. It can be especially uncomfortable for people without an air conditioning unit. 

An AC is nice to have but there are other inexpensive ways on how to keep yourself cool during the summer. Try out these hacks and let us know if they work for you! 

1. Wear breathable, light clothing

A  full clothing rack with garments that range from light to dark colors

Photo credits to Parker Burchfield on Unsplash

Wear clothes that are made out of cotton. This fabric is soft and breezy which makes it suitable to wear during summer. Avoid dark colored clothing because it absorbs heat, making you feel warmer. This next part seems like a no-brainer but try to stay indoors when the sun is at its hottest. Close your curtains to prevent sunlight from heating up your room. 

2. Stay hydrated throughout the day

A glass mason jar filled with water and ice - remember to hydrate!

Photo credits to Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

Do you struggle with your daily water intake? There are plenty of apps that can help track your drinking habits. Set several alarms throughout the day to remind you to hydrate frequently. Even when you’re not feeling thirsty, take a sip of water anyway. Before you know it, you’ll have consumed 2-3 liters of water.

3. Freeze your bed sheets and clothes

A woman laying on a white bed. She's pulling her white bed covers up to her face.

Photo credits to Snowy Vin on Unsplash

This tip might sound a little kooky, but people have sworn that it works! Put your bed sheets, blankets, or even clothes in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Don’t forget to enclose the items in a bag to prevent stains and weird odors. Take them out when you’re ready to use them. You’ll feel a cooling sensation on your skin without having to turn on the AC! 

4. Apply cold packs to pulse points

A stack of ice cubes against a blue background

Photo credits to Victoria Wendish on Unsplash

Another tip involving your refrigerator: freeze ice packs or gels. When you’re starting to feel warm, apply cold compress to your body’s pulse points. The specific parts you can target are the wrists, temples, neck, elbow bends, and the area behind the knees. Cooling down these pulse points can lower your overall body temperature. You can swap out the compress for lotion, toner, or mist to use as needed. 

5. Have a frozen treat

Someone is holding a scoop of Butterbeer ice cream on a cone by the pool

In photo: The Dairy Grind’s Butterbeer scoop on a cone

Nothing beats an ice cold treat on a hot summer’s day. After having a smoothie or ice cream, you instantly feel better. Occasionally, you might even feel a slight chill down your spine! Opt for fruity flavors which feel even more refreshing and light. Out of all these suggestions, this is our favorite method to keep cool under the sweltering summer heat. 

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Will you be trying any of these tips anytime soon? Let us know how it goes! Or share your own tried and tested hacks below in the comments. 

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