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About The Dairy Grind Ice Cream

We Love Ice Cream

And we loved it so much that we decided to make our own with special flavors we wanted for ourselves.

The Dairy Grind Ice Cream Manila Philippines Love

We experimented with both weird and wonderful ingredients, and the results were just like you’d expect: some really did turn out weird, while some flavors took us by surprise. We enjoyed imagining a flavor, choosing what ingredients were best and then off to the kitchen we went. We loved the grind of making each scoop taste better than the last one. 

When we got better at making ice cream, we started wondering what flavors our family and friends would like. So we went out making pints for their birthdays. When we had a potluck, we churned out a gallon of what we thought the party would enjoy - and they would always love it.

Then we thought, what if we could start making ice cream for even more people? If we could make a personalized scoop for ourselves, then maybe we could do this for other people too. We wanted to share the experience of being able to give something delectable but also personal (literally) to the table.

The Dairy Grind Ice Cream Manila Philippines Toppings Mix Ins Flavors

What We Do

We started The Dairy Grind Ice Cream in Manila, Philippines to help you bring joy to your loved ones with your own personal touch. You choose the flavors from our wide selection of choice ingredients, we make it and deliver it right to your doorstep. 

We started offering the service of crafting flavors our friends couldn't find anywhere. And when they loved it, they told their friends about us. More and more people loved choosing their own ice cream bases and mix-ins to create their unique, personalized ice cream flavor. And soon enough, restaurants, cafes and larger food establishments wanted The Dairy Grind to make unique ice cream flavors for them on a large-scale.

The Dairy Grind's continuing growth since 2017 is like crafting your own ice cream: you might come up with something weird at first, but eventually you'll hit the jackpot and make the perfect pint. And that’s the beauty of it, you’ll never know until you try. And while you’re at it, just enjoy the grind.

- Chaz & Joseph

Who We Are

Vision: Make people happy, one scoop at a time.

Mission: Our company revolves around people’s happiness - from the communities that provide our ingredients, to our partners who come together to craft and deliver our ice cream, and most especially our customers who support us. We believe that ice cream is an experience enjoyed as a part of our daily grind. And we’d like to do our part in bringing joy to people by crafting the best ice cream for each and every one.

Core Values:

  • Happiness - personalized experience
  • Value - excellent quality but still accessible
  • Community - support local communities
  • Transparency - being honest in how we do business
  • Sustainability - maximize social impact and minimize environmental impact

Why We Should Make Your Ice Cream

We only want to make the best ice cream for you. This is why we've studied how to make from the best. We have successfully completed and acquired certificates from the prestigious Pennsylvania State University Ice Cream Short Course and the University of Guelph Ice Cream Technology Short Course.

Penn State Ice Cream Short Course Certificate - The Dairy Grind Ice Cream Philippines - Francesca Gabrielle Garcia

Penn State Ice Cream Short Course Certificate - The Dairy Grind Ice Cream Philippines - Joseph Angan


University of Guelph Ice Cream Technology Short Course Certificate - The Dairy Grind Ice Cream Philippines - Francesca Gabrielle Garcia


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Our past and current list of partners include:

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